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Cincinnati, Ohio DUI FAQ Videos

What is blood alcohol content (BAC) or level?

What is the open container law?

What should I do if I am asked to take a field sobriety test in Ohio?

I was just arrested for drunk driving. Will my insurance company cancel my auto insurance policy now?

Are there special considerations and penalties for someone who is underage and arrested for DUI?

Do I have a right to an attorney when I am stopped by an officer and asked to take a field sobriety test?

How might the court use the scram bracelet to punish me before or after I am convicted of drunk driving?

Will I be charged to speak to an attorney about my Ohio drunk driving case?

How will a Ohio DUI or DWI conviction affect me other than the criminal penalties and the license loss?

What symptoms and behavior is the officer looking for during the initial detention at the scene of a DUI?

Can I get a limited license or work permit following a Ohio drunk driving conviction?

Can a person be guilty of drunk driving in Ohio if they only had one drink?

What is the best way to find the top drunk driving defense attorney to handle my Ohio drunk driving case?

What happens if I refuse a breath test in Ohio?

Is my name going to be in the paper after a drunk driving arrest in Ohio and what can I do about it?

Why am I receiving letters from attorneys seeking to represent me for my drunk driving case?

What is the difference between DUI and OVI in Ohio?

Can I be stopped and arrested for DUI or DWI in Ohio even if the vehicle was not moving?

What defenses are there in a DUI or DWI case?

What is a rising blood alcohol defense?