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DUI Seminars

We Provide Free DUI 101 Seminars

At The Farrish Law Firm, L.P.A. we help people who have been charged with a DUI and we have over 50 years of combined experience doing it. We know how stressful the process can be for individuals, even with our help. DUI convictions cost individuals and employers millions of dollars each year. We understand that individuals need to support their families, and employers need to maintain a steady and reliable workforce, but a DUI can happen to anyone.

We don’t want to just help you after you’ve been pulled over; we want to prevent it from happening in the first place. Our law firm has developed a DUI 101 seminar that we offer to individuals, groups, and employers. We provide you with extremely useful information that will greatly reduce the chances that you will be arrested for a DUI.

You may be asking yourself, “I don’t drink and drive. Will this seminar be beneficial for me?”

Alcohol isn’t the only substance that can get you in trouble. If you take prescription medication or drive drowsy, some of the same consequences can happen.

This interactive seminar is free of charge and it is beneficial to everyone. If you have a group of twenty or more people, contact The Farrish Law Firm, L.P.A. to schedule your seminar. We’ll schedule it around your busy work schedule.

DUI’s are incredibly complex and you may have a lot of questions you’ve wanted to ask. The more prepared you are, the better you will be.

We will answer these questions and more:

  • What should you do before you even get in your car (even a week prior)?
  • What should you do and not do if you are pulled over?
  • Should you perform standardized field sobriety test?
  • What are the consequences of refusing standardized field sobriety test?
  • What are your legal rights?
  • Should you make statements to the police when you are arrested?
  • Should you take a portable breathalyzer test?
  • Are you required to provide a breath test at the police station?
  • Are you required to do a blood or urine test?
  • What are the consequences of refusal of a blood, breath, or urine test?
  • How can DUI cases be defended?
  • What insurance issues may exist if arrested for DUI?
  • How can I minimize those insurance risks?
  • How can the devastating effects of a DUI case be reduced?

We’ll also discuss your own personal alcohol limit–yes, you have one. We’ll teach you how to calculate it so you can estimate your blood alcohol content. No longer can you safely say that you can drive after just one beer. What kind of beer is it? Is it craft beer? Is it an IPA? These are the types of questions we’ll discuss.

If you want to schedule a seminar or if you have any questions regarding DUI 101 seminars, please call us or email [email protected]

If you want to avoid needing our legal services, don’t drink and drive. Regardless, you need to hear what we have to say; we strive to make this most beneficial one-hour seminar you ever attend.

“Rob, Thank you so much for coming to speak to our chapter on DUI laws. It was so interesting and informative. I know that all of our sisters learned a great deal of information and it was the talk of the house all week!”

-Jordan Hamons, President, Theta Phi Alpha [Click to read the full letter]