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Repeat and Felony DUI/OVI Defense Lawyers

Cincinnati Drunk Driving Attorneys

When you are facing a second DUI/OVI charge within six years of your first or you are facing a felony DUI/OVI charge, you know that you have to mount the strongest defense you can muster. The potential penalties for a second offense within six years and for felony DUI/OVI are severe, and there is little room for leniency on these types of charges.

At The Farrish Law Firm, L.P.A., our Cincinnati felony DUI lawyers offer preeminent DUI/OVI defense for the residents of Ohio and Kentucky. Attorney Kelly Farrish is recognized as one of the top DUI/OVI defense attorneys in the Cincinnati area. Attorney Farrish was named in the Business Courier as the Outstanding Attorney for OVI/DUI in Southwestern Ohio, 2010.

We can help you face second offense and felony DUI/OVI charges with the skilled and experienced legal defense that those charges merit.

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Second Offense DUI/OVI Defense

If your second DUI/OVI offense is charged within six years of your first, you will face escalated penalties:

DUI Second Offense Penalties

The penalties for a second offense DUI/OVI within six years include mandatory restricted license plates, mandatory ignition interlock, impoundment of your vehicle and mandatory jail time or a mandatory residential treatment program.

Felony DUI/OVI Defense

DUI/OVI is charged as a felony if it is the fourth or fifth charge within six years, the sixth within 20 years, or if you already have a felony DUI/OVI on your record. The penalties for felony DUI/OVI include:

  • Substantial jail or prison time (60 days to five years)
  • Vehicle forfeiture
  • Driver’s license suspension ranging from three years to life
  • Ignition interlock devices
  • Mandatory alcohol and drug treatment programs
  • Restricted license plates

The severity of these penalties calls for you to secure the most skilled defense attorney. Attorney Kelly Farrish has a record of success in difficult DUI/OVI cases in the Cincinnati area. Read more about Felony DIO/OVI Defense here.

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