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Driver’s License Suspensions

Ohio License Reinstatement Lawyers

Having your driver’s license suspended can be difficult in a number of ways. For many people in Ohio and Kentucky who do not live near public transportation, simply doing something as necessary as getting to work can be a challenge. Some people, such as commercial drivers, actually rely on their driver’s licenses for their occupation.

We work to help people in Ohio and Kentucky preserve their driver’s licenses or minimize the effects of a suspension. The impact of a driver’s license suspension goes beyond endangering your job. Less critically, consider the difficulty of needing a ride to the store for every shopping trip, doctor’s visit or if your children ever need to be picked up from school.

At The Farrish Law Firm, L.P.A., our Cincinnati suspended driver’s license attorneys offer preeminent driver’s license suspension defense for the residents of Ohio and Kentucky. We understand the difficulty of living without driving privileges, and we will work to help you keep yours.

Types of Driver’s License Suspensions

There are a number of types of driver’s license suspensions, including:

  • DUI/OVI — Our experience allows us to be able to see the full range of options for protecting your license or minimizing the effects of a suspension. Don’t know if you should drive? Calculate your BLOOD ALCOHOL LEVEL here.
  • Commercial driver’s license — CDL suspensions have a huge impact, as they often come between a worker and his or her livelihood.
  • Financial responsibility — Failure to have the proper insurance on your vehicle will result in your driver’s license being suspended.
  • Child support — Failure to pay your child support obligations in a timely manner will result in the suspension of your driver’s license.
  • Driving while under a DUI/OVI suspension — Being caught driving while under a suspension related to a DUI/OVI charge will result in a driver’s license suspension, as well as a mandatory minimum of three days in jail up to 180 days.

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