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If I’m arrested for a DUI in Northern Kentucky, but I live in Cincinnati, what kind of an attorney do I need?

Northern Kentucky DUI Lawyers

If you were arrested in Kentucky for a DUI, you would need an attorney that is licensed in Kentucky. We know many people work or live in Northern Kentucky, and work or socialize in Cincinnati, and vice versa. That is why we have attorneys licensed in both Kentucky and Ohio. Rob Dziech is an experienced attorney who can help you after you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Kentucky. If you are arrested for a DUI but do not live in the state where you are charged, you still could experience license ramifications in your home state.

Working with Rob Dziech is extremely beneficial in these situations because he can help you with both issues: the out of state DUI charge AND the in-state driver’s license ramifications. If you’re arrested in Northern Kentucky, Rob can take care of both issues because any violation you get out of state is forwarded back to the state that issued your license.

Fortunately, Rob practices in Kentucky; he can help you through the process to shorten the suspension. By working with him or another experienced Kentucky and Ohio licensed DUI attorney, you decrease the chances that you really will suffer no consequences in Ohio.

A foreign state can suspend your right to drive in their state but there’s only one state that can suspend your license and that’s the state that issued it. When another state notifies your home state and your home state can take whatever actions. For example, Kentucky cannot suspend your license in Ohio. Only Ohio can suspend an Ohio driver’s license, but Kentucky can suspend your right to drive, obviously, in Kentucky and Kentucky will notify Ohio.

This is confusing; we know. We can walk you through what will happen with your license and the other consequences. We want to make sure you understand everything that will happen in both states.

Contact The Farrish Law Firm, L.P.A. immediately after you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Ohio or Kentucky. We can help you figure out the process, regardless of whether you live in Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati.