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What is Ohio Rev. Code 4511.251? Exhibition of Speed Charge and DUI/OVI Charge

Exhibition of Speed Charge and DUI/OVI Charge

DUI Exhibition of Speed Charges in Ohio

A DUI/OVI charge on your record can be devastating.  It stays on your record and can eliminate many career paths. If you are also charged with you ‘exhibition of speed’, which is officially called ‘street racing’ under Ohio Rev. Code 4511.251, you may benefit from hiring a DUI/OVI attorney.

What counts as an exhibition of speed?

The law was brought into being to counter drag racing on highways but it is generally applied to situations where there is evidence that a person drove a set course against another person in either a head to head competition or by taking turns and the times to completion was recorded for competitive purposes. Because this involves handling the vehicle in a dangerous manner it increases the odds of losing control.

Being Charged With Both a DUI/OVI and Exhibition of Speed

This could happen where you were initially pulled over by the police was that of a racing type situation where you were ‘competing’ with at least one other person to see who could finish a course in less time or reach a destination first.  Crucially, there must be an element of timing in the mix. If that is satisfied and your blood alcohol level is just about the legal limit, you may be charged with both a DUI/OVI and an exhibition of speed charge.

Penalties for DUI/OVI and Exhibition of Speed

In an exhibition of speed situation, there are no mandatory license suspensions or jail sentences. The fines are much lower and do not have to worry about the interlock or special plates.


1st DUI/OVI Exhibition of Speed
License suspension 6 months to 3 years Optional
Jail sentence 3 days to 6 month None for 1st offence
Fines $375 to $1,075 Up to $100 on 1st offence
Demerit Points 6 6
Interlock Optional No
Treatment Optional Remedial Training


Perhaps most importantly, being charged with an exhibition of speed will not tar your future the way a DUI/OVI can. Insurers and employers are likely to gloss over the charge entirely and being charged with it does not increase the penalties on future traffic offenses the way a DUI/OVI can. Moreover, a DUI/OVI can result in orders to attend a treatment program and immobilization of your vehicle which you avoid with an exhibition of speed.

What Should I Do If I Am Charged With a DUI/OVI and Exhibition of Speed?

If you do not have a DUI/OVI lawyer, the prosecutor may not be willing to work with you at all—they will assume they can convict you in court. Having a lawyer is the first and most important step to battling your DUI/OVI and Exhibition of Speed Charges.