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How Will My DUI Affect My Personal Relationships?

A DUI/OVI charge does not affect just your life, but the lives of those around you. Because of the legal consequences and emotional strain, your personal life can begin to spiral downward. Feelings such as embarrassment, lack of trust, financial difficulty, and the need for possible treatment are all feelings associated with the families of those charged with a DUI/OVI.

In many instances, an individual charged with a DUI/OVI is publicized. Even if not officially placed in the public light, there is a strong possibility that gossip will spread regarding your charge. This has the potential to cause embarrassment on the part of your family. Also, because of the likely possibility that a DUI/OVI charge can result in a loss of job or positions within the community, there is both a financial and social impact on that individual’s family.

The Financial Costs

The financial difficulty that a DUI/OVI may bring is commonly known. All across the country are billboards urging people to spend $100 on a taxi or tow truck instead of spending upwards of $10,000 fighting a DUI. Unfortunately, all of those billboards are correct. A DUI charge will place a substantial financial burden on the individual and his or her family. Between court costs, towing fees, insurance premium hikes, attorney’s fees, and possible job issues, a strain will most likely be placed on the family relationship.

Relationships With Family

A strain on the family relationship will almost certainly result in a lack of trust. Think about it, your family is now likely going to have to drive you to appointments and court proceedings as a result of your mistake. They likely will not trust you behind the wheel when/if you receive your license back within a few months. Other individuals will not trust you to drive them or their dependents from one place to another. If you go grab dinner with someone, you will almost never be trusted to drive home from an event where you could have had a drink – whether that be in a personal or professional setting.

In Your Professional Life

In our professional lives, networking events are a common occurrence. Almost every networking event includes alcohol. You will be looked at differently at all of these events if you have had a DUI charge and have a drink in your hand. Unfortunately, in our dog eat dog world of business, there is a chance that even your friends will attempt to use your DUI charge against you in negotiations for clients and contracts. This will hurt your bottom line personally and that of your family as well.

The Ohio DUI Registry

Additionally, Ohio has a public registry of some of those with DUI convictions. This registry is open to the public for all to see and research. In fact, many employers who do not want to pay for background checks will often check this registry to see if an individual has a DUI charge. If your name is on this registry, is it possible that you will be treated differently by friends and family? Unfortunately, the answer is likely yes.

Interacting With Your Children

If you are a parent, there is a strong likelihood that your children may view you in a different light. Other parents may not want you transporting their children thus causing a strain in the relationship between you and your children should they find out. Simply put, there are too many avenues by which your relationship with your family may suffer because it is too easy to find out whether you have a DUI charge. Your social circle will likely find out as well.

Finally, there is a good chance that your entire social circle will change as the result of a DUI charge. Your friends may stop inviting you to certain events where alcohol will be present. They may begin to think that you cannot handle yourself around a bar or that you simply are making bad decisions. All of these are instances in which your friends may not be associated.

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Your life does not have to change because of one simple mistake. Remember, just because you are charged with a DUI or OVI, does not mean you are guilty. Call an experienced Ohio DUI attorney in the event you charged. There is a possibility that your attorney can get the charge lessened so as not to affect your personal life. We hope you never need us, but please give us a call if a DUI charge is affecting your life. We would love to help you!