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Arrested for a DUI in Blue Ash, Ohio

Blue AshYou know the roads of Hamilton County, Ohio, like the back of your hand, always coasting from road to road with ease—but tonight was different. You’d been drinking and now you were behind the wheel.

Uber rides and taxis are much harder to find when you’re out in Blue Ash, Ohio, and rather than leave your car parked, you’d decided to drive home. After stopping at a stop sign, you saw the flashing lights in your rear view mirror. You’d been pulled over.

You’d made the decision to drive, but now it was time to make another decision; call a DUI attorney as soon as possible.

Will I go to jail? Will this affect my job and my future employment? How much will this affect my family financially?

You may have all of these questions, and more. Only a DUI attorney in Blue Ash, Ohio, with experience with Cincinnati drinking and driving charges can give you the answers.

If you’ve been pulled over for a DUI in Blue Ash, OH, please remain calm.

Take a deep breath and collect yourself. It will all be okay. Be polite to the police officer. It doesn’t matter if you are frustrated, or annoyed that you were pulled over. This is a crucial step.

Should I take the field sobriety tests?

No, you should not. Never take field sobriety tests. This includes the hand-held breathalyzers, which are known for their inaccurate readings. However, these inaccurate readings could affect you and your DUI court proceedings. If a police officer asks you to take this test, or requests that you perform a horizontal gaze Nystagmus, walk and turn, one leg stand, or other physical field sobriety tests, please politely say that your attorney, Kelly Farrish, has advised you not to take these tests.

Call a DUI attorney as soon as you can, even if you’ve just been pulled over five minutes beforehand.

What if I am underage?

An underage DUI cannot be removed from your record. If you are taken back to the police station and a chemical test determines that you have a blood alcohol level of a 0.02 you can still be charged for OVUAC and if it’s higher than 0.08 you will be charged for a DUI.

Are the consequences of a criminal offense different if I’m under 18?

For more information about your DUI in Blue Ash, Ohio, please contact a drinking and driving defense lawyer.

The Farrish Law Firm, L.P.A. has DUI law offices in both Blue Ash, West Chester, Hyde Park, Northern Kentucky, and in Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. If you or one of your loved ones has been pulled over and arrested for a DUI in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, please contact us.