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Drug Charges in Blue Ash, OH

Ohio has some of the most complicated drug possession laws in the country, and the facts of your arrest play a major role in the outcome of your case. However, having the right criminal defense attorney representing you can also make a big difference in whether you pay a fine, receive probation, or spend several years in prison.

If you are facing drug charges in Blue Ash, Ohio, you need a skilled and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney on your side. At The Farrish Law Firm L.P.A., our lawyers build aggressive defense strategies to help clients beat false charges or mitigate the consequences associated with a drug possession arrest. Call our Blue Ash office today at 513-403-9699 to learn more about our services, and to let us get to work on your case.

What do I need to know about Ohio’s drug possession laws?

Many states base the seriousness of drug possession charges on only the type of drug and the quantity. Ohio laws differ, however. Ohio uses complicated formulas that set “bulk amounts” for certain drugs or components used in manufacturing the drug. This means depending on the specific details of your case, you could face a relatively minor charge with no jail time or a serious prison sentence for drug dealing.

For example:

Amount Minimum Jail Time
More than the bulk amount but less than five times the amount One to five years
Five-49.9 times the bulk amount Two to eight years
50+ times the bulk amount Three to ten years (labeled a major drug offender if you have more than 100 times the bulk amount)

Our team will look into your arrest and determine whether the drug in question falls under the “bulk amount” law or not.

What happens after police arrest me on Ohio drug charges?

Depending on whether you face a misdemeanor or felony charge, you may spend a few hours to a few days in jail after a drug possession arrest. The judge will tell you what charges you face during your arraignment, which often occurs during this time.

If you face only minor charges, they may release you without bail. More serious charges require you to post bail before your release. Occasionally, judges refuse to allow certain people to bail out of jail because of the serious nature of their charges or because they are a flight risk.

If you face felony charges, you will have a preliminary hearing where you present your case to the judge. This is when you absolutely need to have a defense attorney on your side. During this hearing, the prosecution will present the evidence against you, and the judge will decide if this is sufficient to proceed to trial. If we cannot convince the court to drop the charges against you at this point, we continue on toward trial.

It is often during this time the prosecution will offer a plea agreement. Sometimes referred to as a “plea bargain,” this type of agreement requires you to plead guilty to a lesser charge. This allows us to have more control over the potential consequences, and can sometimes help you avoid jail time or other serious penalties.

If we do not negotiate a plea deal, your case continues to trial. During the trial, we represent you and present our defense in court. A jury decides the outcome of the case, to convict you of the charge or not.

Why do I need a defense attorney for drug charges in Blue Ash?

No one wants to go to jail, and it is only natural to want to reduce the penalties you face after a drug possession arrest. Without an attorney on your side, you leave that up to chance. We can work to get the best results possible in your case, and ensure your rights remain protected throughout the process. In many misdemeanor cases, especially if you have no criminal history, we can help you avoid jail time and instead argue for diversion or probation.

Diversion is a great option to avoid a conviction, as long as you agree to complete the program and stay out of trouble during the probationary period. Even if the court does convict you, we can sometimes request probation in lieu of more serious consequences.

Felony drug dealing convictions are more serious, and you face serious, life-altering consequences if convicted. While you might be able to win a misdemeanor case on your own, felony drug dealing leaves so much more on the table. Our team can gather evidence, stop you from jeopardizing your case, and use our knowledge of Ohio law to defend against charges.

Schedule a consultation to discuss your drug charges today.

The Farrish Law Firm L.P.A. represents clients in Blue Ash, Cincinnati, and elsewhere in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky. We fight aggressively to help you beat the charges and minimize the impact of your arrest. Call our Blue Ash office today at 513-403-9699 to learn more.