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Criminal Defense in Mason, OH

Depending on the nature of the charges against you, an Ohio conviction can lead to a few hours of community service and a fine, or decades in prison. While you may not need a criminal defense attorney if police arrested you for a minor violation, you will certainly want aggressive, knowledgeable representation if you face serious allegations with life-altering consequences.

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges in Mason, OH, the criminal defense attorneys at The Farrish Law Firm, L.P.A. are ready to go to work on your case. We can help you understand the potential outcomes of your case, and fight to minimize the impact your arrest could have on your life. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation, and learn more about how we can help you.

What can I expect after an arrest in Mason, Ohio?

If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney, chances are police arrested you or a family member, or there is a warrant out for your arrest. Once arrested, you may spend a few hours to a couple of days in jail before they release you or you make bail. In some cases where you face serious felony charges, the judge in your case may not allow bail. If this occurs, you will remain in jail until your trial.

Many times, we first hear from clients after their arraignment. This initial court appearance usually occurs within a few hours of an arrest, although it might not happen for a few days. During this appearance, you learn the exact charges against you and can enter a plea. If the court has not yet arraigned you, we can get a jump start on your case and represent you in this hearing.

It is imperative you have legal representation before the preliminary hearing in your case. This type of hearing is only used when there are felony charges in Ohio, so if you face a serious accusation, it is important to give us a call right away. The court typically schedules this hearing within days or a couple of weeks prior to your arrest. During this court appearance, both your defense team and the prosecution present their cases to the judge. The judge then decides if there is enough evidence against you to continue on to trial.

If the judge refuses to drop the charges against you because there is probable cause to believe you committed a crime, a period of investigation and information-gathering begins. During this time, there may be a number of pre-trial motions and plea bargain offers. In many cases, the prosecution will offer a plea agreement. This allows you to plead guilty to a different charge with lighter penalties, which means you could avoid jail time or other serious consequences.

It may take several months to wrap up the investigation of your case and schedule a trial date. If we do not reach a plea agreement before the trial date, we will represent you in court in your trial. Usually, a jury decides whether you committed the crime. If the jury hands down a guilty verdict, the judge will sentence you or schedule a sentencing hearing later.

Why is it imperative I have a criminal defense attorney on my side?

The only way to get the positive outcome you need in court is to present a strong defense in your case. Without intimate knowledge of local and state laws and extensive experience with court processes, this is almost impossible to do on your own. Some people choose to represent themselves if they face a misdemeanor charge with only minor consequences. However, more serious charges require a skilled criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and formulate the best defense strategy.

Some of the ways a criminal defense lawyer can help you include:

  • Being present during questioning to prevent you from making incriminating statements
  • Getting your bail reduced or waived
  • Asking the court to drop charges against you due to insufficient evidence
  • Discovering improper procedures that cause the prosecution to drop charges against you
  • Determining if a plea agreement is in your best interest
  • Negotiating a plea bargain that reduces the consequences you face

As your criminal defense team, we can help you understand what to expect during the entire process. We offer free case evaluations and can help you understand the charges your face. We will work together to build a strong defense strategy and fight to protect your rights and mitigate the impact your arrest has on the rest of your life.

What are some things I need to discuss with my criminal defense attorney?

We will work as your partner to help you understand and fight the charges against you. Some of the questions we can address for you include:

  • Will I receive lesser penalties if I plead guilty?
  • Is a plea agreement a good idea in my case?
  • Do I have a good chance of acquittal if I go to trial?
  • What is the best strategy for limiting the time I spend in jail?
  • What can I expect during each step of the legal process?
  • How long can I expect this case to take?
  • What is the best case/worst case scenario?

Call The Farrish Law Firm, L.P.A. today. 

At The Farrish Law Firm, L.P.A., we fight for our clients throughout the legal process, from arraignment to trial and beyond. If you are facing criminal charges in Southwest Ohio or Northern Kentucky, we are here to help protect your rights and ensure you get a fair trial. Call our Blue Ash office today at 513-403-9699 to schedule your case evaluation.