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What can happen if I’m arrested for a DUI a second time?

Ohio 2nd Offense DUI Attorney

The types of penalties for your second DUI offense depend on how much time there was in between your two arrests. There is what is called a “lookback period.” If you get a second DUI within six years of your first one, the penalties can be quite severe to say the least.

If you get a second, but the first one happened 10 years ago, then you’re looking at the three‑day jail time minimum. If you refuse the breathalyzer tests at the police station though, the penalties become more severe.

Mandatory Minimums

In Hamilton County there is a program for almost every mandatory minimum sentence. But not every county has those programs. In many, you’ll spend your mandatory sentence in jail, not in an alternative program.

If you get a second offense, the mandatory minimum is 10 days in jail. If you either refuse to blow into the machine within that six‑year period or you test over what we call the high tier, the .17, then that 10 days doubles to 20 days.

There are some judges that will penalize you more than the mandatory minimum In a first or second DUI in time the court has 180 days in jail available to it. Judges do frequently sentence up to 180 days; it is not an uncommon amount of time.

Defending your Second Offense

At The Farrish Law Firm, L.P.A., we’ll do our absolute best to defend you after your second DUI offense with the knowledge that the long-term consequences are severe at best. Some are given six months in jail on their second offenses, increasing their license suspension times as well. Fines also increase.

As you can see, a DUI charge is something to take seriously. It is important that you have an attorney who will handle it properly, especially when it is your first offense. We can’t predict the future. Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes we make them twice. The better we handle it the first time, the less consequential it may be if it happens again.

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