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Can the Court Impound My Vehicle after I’ve Been Charged with a DUI/OVI?

Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati DUI Defense Team

Most people are aware of the potential consequences of a DUI/OVI conviction in Ohio. Fines, jail time, probation, mandatory alcohol treatment, and community service are all possible penalties for being convicted of drunk driving in the greater Cincinnati area. Hiring an experienced DUI/OVI attorney can help mitigate the negative consequences of a drunk driving arrest.

Impounding Vehicles for DUI/OVI Charges in Ohio

BMWAnother penalty that you may face for a DUI/OVI charge in Ohio is the forfeiture of your vehicle. Under Ohio’s DUI/OVI laws, your vehicle may be impounded depending on the number of DUI/OVI offenses on your record. If you are arrested on a first ever or first DUI/OVI charge in six years, your car may be towed, but it should be released if payment of the towing and storage fees are completed. You must have proof of ownership and another licensed driver with you (if your driver’s license has been suspended under an Administrative License Suspense) when you pick up your vehicle.

If this is your second DUI/OVI conviction within six years you face having licenses plates impounded for 90 days. Some courts may impound your vehicle for the pretrial period during which time you may not sell or dispose of the vehicle. Some courts interpret the 90-day mandatory impoundment to a penalty to be imposed upon conviction. You will not be permitted to operate the vehicle during the impoundment period.

If you are convicted of three or more DUI/OVIs within six years, or five or more times within 20 years, your vehicle will be impounded and forfeited to the state. You will lose your vehicle permanently.

Do Not Lose Your Vehicle for an Ohio DUI/OVI Conviction

Contact the DUI/OVI attorneys of The Farrish Law Firm, L.P.A. to discuss how we can help you avoid losing your vehicle for a DUI/OVI conviction. If you cannot afford to have your car impounded after a DUI/OVI charge, our attorneys may be able to help. Contact our office to discuss your case with an experienced DUI/OVI lawyer.