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How long does a DUI stay on your record in Cincinnati, Ohio?

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A DUI will stay on your record forever in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The amount of time that a DUI charge will stay on your record and affect future convictions and penalties is often called the lookback period.

The lookback period, in regards to DUI and other criminal charges, is the amount of time that if you had been charged again, you’d incur harsher penalties. For example, if you were charged with another DUI within six years of your first, you’d experience harsher fines, jail time, and other penalties than if you’d been charged with your second DUI in seven years.

The lookback period is different in every state. However, your DUI crosses state boundaries. For example, if you received your first DUI in Cincinnati, Ohio, but then received your second in Kentucky, the Kentucky lookback period would apply.

Why is the lookback period important to you?

As a person who might have just been charged with a DUI for the first time, know that how you treat this first charge is incredibly important. It is important not just now, but just in case you get in trouble for a second time.

Working with an experienced drinking and driving attorney who understands the lookback period in your state is very critical to your success now and in the future. Depending on your circumstances—your arrest, your prior history, and more—your DUI/OVI lawyer could possibly reduce your charge to reckless driving or find another solution.

To learn more about your DUI charge in Cincinnati, Ohio, and how the lookback period applies to you and your specific case, please contact The Farrish Law Firm, L.P.A. We have offices in Downtown Cincinnati, as well as in both Blue Ash and West Chester, Ohio. We fight for families throughout the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.