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How does a DUI affect my employment or my education?

DUI and Employment

Does a DUI affect my employment? It depends on your occupation.

If your profession requires a CDL (commercial driver’s license), and it’s your first offense, you’ll be unable to work for at least a year. If your ability to drive is completely dependent on retaining a CDL, there’s no getting around that; you’re out of a job.

In the pharmaceutical industry, there is a zero-tolerance policy. One DUI charge and you’re unable to work in that industry. Even if the person charged with the DUI offers to pay for all car-related expenses, the company may not allow him or her to continue work because of liability. If there were an accident, the attorney for the injured person would almost definitely come after the employer and it is likely insurance cannot cover that.

In a sales position that supplies the person with a company car, a DUI would remove him or her from the corporate insurance policy for three years. That could take you out of the job. 

It’s also very difficult, if not impossible, to rent a car with a DUI in your history. Charges for taxis or public transportation can climb very quickly.

These are just a few examples of how a DUI charge could possibly affect your employment. If you have questions and are wondering if your job will be affected due to your drinking and driving charge, please call The Farrish Law Firm, L.P.A. and ask your questions. We’ll figure it out.

Education – it depends on the school.

Some schools won’t take a chance on a kid with a drinking and driving charge on his or her record, but there are plenty of people who have had DUIs that are pursuing higher education. As long as he or she is transparent about their offenses, and do the work that they need to do, they will be allowed to continue their education, in most cases. This is all situational, though. Some schools have stricter policies than others.

For example, Miami of Ohio, has a very strict DUI policy. You could be removed from the university for a DUI charge. They also require treatment for alcohol-related offenses. They take it very seriously.

Most universities ask about it, but it does not necessarily mean you would incur severe consequences. Depending on the college, they could just be asking for an honest answer, not the answer they want to hear.

Don’t hesitate to contact The Farrish Law Firm, L.P.A. if you have any questions about a DUI and the ramifications it could have on your employment or education. Our experienced lawyers will walk with you through figuring out all of those issues and make sure you’re being treated fairly if the case goes to court.