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Speeding Ticket Defense in Mason, OH

Many people do not believe it is worth it to fight a speeding ticket. They opt to pay them and put the experience behind them, no matter whether they were guilty, no matter the cost. And in some cases, just paying the fine might be better. Before you make this decision, however, it is important to understand the negative effects a speeding ticket can have in the long run.

At The Farrish Law Firm, L.P.A., our Mason, OH, speeding ticket defense attorneys can put together a strong defense strategy for your case. We have decades of combined experience and understand how important your clean driving record is to your job and your everyday life. Call us today at 513-403-9699 to schedule your free case evaluation.

Why is it a bad idea to just pay a speeding ticket?

In many cases, a speeding ticket is a minor misdemeanor and will not cost you more than $150. It is tempting to spend the money just to avoid the hassle. It is important to note, though, paying your ticket — whether online, through the mail, or at the courthouse — is like entering a guilty plea. You admit you violated the law when you agree to pay the ticket.

Traffic violations stay on your driving record for two years. During this time, this blemish could impact your life in more ways than you might imagine. These include:

  • An increase in your insurance premiums
  • Difficulty getting a job that requires a clean driving record
  • Issues with getting a commercial driver’s license
  • A driver’s license suspension, depending on your previous violations

To learn more about your risk factors for these negative effects and to help prevent them, call us today for a free case analysis. We can help you understand the potential issues you may face after a Mason, OH, speeding ticket, based on the specific circumstances of your case.

What do I need to know about the Ohio points system?

Perhaps the most worrisome consequence of a speeding ticket is the effect in can have on your driving privileges. Under Ohio’s points system for traffic violations, you can only accumulate six points in a two-year period before you receive a warning from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Twelve points in a two-year period results in a six-month driver’s license suspension.

You earn points against your license for almost any traffic violation. When it comes to speeding, the number of points you receive depends on the speed limit and how fast you were driving. If you received a ticket for:

  • Driving 30 mph or more over the speed limit, you will receive four points
  • Driving 10 mph or more over the speed limit in an area marked at or above 55 mph, you will receive two points
  • Driving five mph or more over the speed limit in an area posted lower than 55, you will receive two points

As you might imagine, these points can accumulate quickly if you have multiple speeding tickets or other traffic violations on your record. We understand how important your driving privileges are to your job, your education, and your relationships. Call us today to discuss how we can offer an effective defense against your speeding violations, and help you keep your license.

How can a speeding ticket defense lawyer help me?

On the surface, the fines associated with a speeding ticket do not seem that bad. When you step back and look at the other penalties and effects, though, you see how much a simple speeding violation could cost you in the long run. It is not only about the fine, but about the blemish on your driving record, the points against your driver’s license and the increase you will likely see in the cost of your auto insurance policy.

We are well-versed in Ohio traffic laws and know how to navigate the court system for our clients. We may be able to clear your record, making it like the traffic ticket never happened. This is especially important if you have past violations or need a clean driving record for your job.

We know it is not an easy task to stand before a judge and contest a speeding ticket, and that is why we handle this for you. We can guide you through the process, telling you what to expect every step of the way.

Some of the most common ways we can help you fight back against a speeding ticket include:

  • Ask the judge to drop the ticket if we have evidence to question your violation
  • Negotiate a lower fine, lesser charge, or traffic school
  • Fight against negative points on your record, often through a reduction of the speed on your ticket, attendance at traffic school, or requesting other penalties instead
  • Represent you in front of the judge and present your side of the case
  • Work with the court to arrange for traffic school or other means to clear your driving record, preventing an increase in your insurance rates and/or blemishes on your driving record

Contact The Farrish Law Firm, L.P.A. today.

The Mason speeding ticket defense lawyers at The Farrish Law Firm, L.P.A. can help you avoid the long-term negative effects of a traffic violation. Call us today at 513-403-9699 to schedule your free initial consultation. We are available 24 hours a day.